Products and services recommended and/or reviewed by Parkside HOA residents

Some specific product recommendations as referenced throughout this site...

Do you have one of the Kitchenaid side-by-side refridgerators (installed in Drees Custom Homes) ? Here are the links to the replacement filters which you will surely need...

Looks like a lot of homes were installed wih the Honeywell AC systems, using centralized air filters up in the attic. These use the 20x25x4 filters which can be quite expensive, so make sure you look at these quality (and affordable) replacement options...

Filtrete 20x25x4, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1000 DP, Micro Allergen Defense Deep Pleat, 4-Pack

Installing your flat screen TVs ? Take a look at these sturdy and well protected HDMI cables - after all, you only want to do the install once right, so make sure you use some quality cables (at the right price) to connect your DirectTV Genius or other settop box to your screens !

Yes... there are plenty of critters around in our community... how about protecting from those that get into your yard through the open fences facing the ponds or the other common areas ? Keep most of the wildlife out of your backyard by simply adding a wire mesh at the lower side of the fence (your pick: 2ft, 3ft high).

Fencer Wire 16 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh Size 0.5 inch by 0.5 inch (2 ft. x 50 ft.)

Perfect for the home office... and needed to protect your privacy. A decent shredder. When you select one, make sure you pay attention to the number of pages it can handle simultaneously, having a cross-cut (avoids puzzling the pages back together) and consider a credit card shredder slot... This 10 page Bonsaii shredder has it all including the matching trash bin.